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Biophotonics laboratory develops research in the following main areas:

  • Research and modification of optical and spectral characteristics of biological tissues in norm and pathology.
  • Optical spectroscopy and microscopy of biological tissues for the diagnosis of socially significant diseases (oncological, cardiovascular, chronic diseases).
  • Photodynamic and sonodynamic medicine and applications for treatment of oncological and infectious diseases
  • Development and research of new biomimetic materials textured with ultra-short laser pulses.
  • Investigation of the processes of photochemodissociation in biological tissues. Managing local tissue oxygenation to increase therapeutic efficacy.
  • Development of new photon sensors based on plasmonic nanostructures for diagnosis and detection of biologically important substances.
  • Development and implementation of optical and laser diagnostic and therapy tools. Development of combined methods for personalized therapeutics, photo- and nano- medicine.

Biophotonics laboratory is a coordinator in the project "National Center on Biomedical Photonics" (NCBP), funded under call "Centers of excellence" of the National Science Fund of Bulgaria, Ministry of Education and Science. Aims of the project are achievement of high quality results in the research, development and introduction activities in the filed of biomedical physics and technology, as well as in the activities, related to the application of optoelectronic equipment and methods into clinical practice, formation and development of laser and optoelectronic equipment consumption and connected health services and training of highly specialized cadres.




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